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FlexVision Goggles:


The number one choice for student operations and wind tunnels around the world. Operators choose FlexVision because they are inexpensive, robust and because our "friction lock" adjustment is the fastest and easiest way to tighten or loosen the straps between different users. We offer three sizes but the "Original" accounts for 75% of our sales. The "Mini" is designed for small featured adults and children (wind tunnel), and we have an "Over Glasses"  size as well that is known to be the best at deflecting the wind and not blowing off like the flat bottomed styles. Combine all sizes to get your quantity discount. Available in clear or tinted lens (smoke, blue, red, yellow). Choose an assortment of strap colors (40% black, 20% blue, 10% red, 10% green, 10% purple, 10% magenta), if you are doing retail sales or color code by size for your operation if a school or a tunnel.


Custom Goggles - Your Text Applied:


For an additional fee we can add your website url or phone number which will then       be featured in the any video footage and still photos your customers share with friends and family. This provides added exposure for your business and increased sales. It also helps to keep your goggles from disappearing as it prevents them from being accidentally picked up by others.

You can easily identify the jumper in photos with people using FlexVision goggles because there is no rim blocking their face. Your customers will love that and are more likely to share their photos on social media.

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