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FlexVision was started in Zephyrhills, Florida in 1991 to service the skydive industry as a manufacturer of durable and affordable skydiving goggles.     In 1994 FlexVision moved to a new home in Sebastian, FL and began to slowly expand the product line. FlexVision was always a part time business as owner Lyle Presse was also a busy skydive instructor, load organizer, and event organizer. From 1999 to 2005, growth was put on hold and all assets were directed at creating the sport of “Swooping”, now officially known as Canopy Piloting. Over the years a new sport emerged, complete with its own international tour co-founded by Lyle. In 2005 Lyle left the Pro Swoop Tour to rebuild FlexVision and spend time with family, but not before making sure Canopy Piloting had achieved status as an official World Championship sport. FlexVision was a major sponsor of all these endeavors. It was tough on the company, but it was an amazing time and it was what needed to be done. at the time.

In 2006 FlexVision expanded by reopening the gear store at Skydive Sebastian and broke into the garment industry with a tee shirt printer and embroidery machine. Since then, all aspects of the business have been growing fast. By 2012 it was obvious that more help was needed so the gear store and garment departments were broken off to form Full Flight Sports, and  Full Flight Sportswear. KiteBoard Sebastian and FlyBoard Sebastian were also launched but only the hydroflight remains today under the name Jet Blade USA. Longtime industry veteran Carey Whitley bought into the business to help with these ventures and with his assistance growth continues at an accellerated pace.

Our company has come to serve well over one hundred and fifty distributors, including manufacturers, skydiving centers, wind tunnels, military and even Ferrari’s roller coaster in the UAE. We continue to grow and diversify, and are now offering more services than ever to the skydiving industry as well as our Treasure Coast community and beyond. FlexVision remains committed to furthering the sport of Skydiving (and now Hydroflight as well), providing superior products and services to our customers.

We thank you for your support through all these years.

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