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Flexvision has been supplying custom decals to the skydiving industry for decades, but changes within the industry have lead to us changing from producing our own product to becoming a dealer for one of the largest suppliers in the country. As a small company, we could not compete with the cost or quality demanded in today's marketplace. Having said that, we are proud to represent Stouse Inc, a leading manufacturer of thousands of styles of decals and other printed products. Check out this link to their website below. They do not sell direct, and our special pricing for the skydiving industry will be 10 to 20% less than their websie price.
Please reach out to us for any guidance you need, and for us to price an order once you know what you need. We can price orders with simple artwork like jpegs but we need Vector artwork to place an order. Vector art comes from programes such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. We offer 20% discount on most orders. On very large orders we have smaller margins and the discount is reduced to 10%. Most orders p[roduced in 5 working days. Shipping is from KY, USA.
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